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Why painting is the key to the perfect home interiors?

painting for home interiors

Have you ever wondered why we often decorate our surroundings – wherever it may be, our cars, our office desks, with small works of art? For example, we put idols of god, or place some painting that our beloved created. Why is that so?

It is our natural instinct to convert our surroundings into something that we like or associate with. This has been the case ever since millenia. Our ancestors drew crude artworks of animals, birds, rituals in every cave they lived in.

But even though we can decorate these spaces, we don’t really have the complete freedom to express ourselves. Isn’t it?

And which is the place of complete creative freedom? Yes, our home. Our family members might not act the same way you want them to be. But I’m sure that you can definitely incorporate some paintings in home interiors.

So in this article, I will share with you why and how art can become the only way to perfect your home interiors.

Why paintings in home interiors are best?

If you approach any interior designer to design your home, I am sure that art are the last thing they would think of. But do you know that the most easiest way to align your home according to your tastes is through hanging paintings?

Yes, that’s right.

Even if you don’t have any interiors, if you can just buy a good artworks that makes you happy, and is aligned with what you believe in, or your memories or your personality, it is enough. Research suggests that just by looking at a peice of art, the way we think and behave changes.

Paintings in home have a profound impact.

How paintings influence us in our home?

Paintings are the most convenient and effective way to give your home a completely transformed look.

The most effective way to elevate your quality of life and to reinforce your best self everyday is to buy a painting. It could be a small one or a large one. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to art. Not to mention, art has never followed rules.

Below are some of the ways that art influences us on a daily basis at our homes:

Art embraces our individuality

Let’s face it. As I mentioned before too, paintings is the last thing interior designers think of. SO once you have a work of art at your home – it could be anything – a modern abstract art, or a traditional indian folk art, or a sculpture – it will instantly elevate your home. It sets your apart instantly, and it not only does that, but also improves your own sense of indivuality.

It reinforces the ideals and memories you want to believe in and cherish.

Art serves as a focal point in any room

No matter which painting you choose to display in which room, but as soon as you enter any room, you first notice the beautiful artwork that is hung across the wall. Right?

And having a focal point for any work of creation is important. It signals your eyes to look in a specific direction, and admire it.

It instantly relaxes your eyes and allows it to absorb the most important piece in the room.

It also acts as a conversation starter.

Painting enhances as a focal point in our home interiors

Paintings become a showcase of your personality

No matter which art you choose, it is bound to give the visitor an impression of you. Because no matter what we do, or what we create, our personality inevitably finds its way into creeping inside the work we create.

That’s the reason no 2 people view the same piece of art the same way.

They are also become a way of reinforcing your beliefs

It gives of a vibe to anyone who visit your home. This way your home becomes an extention of your personality.

Art acts as a personality showcase and personality booster

Art also shows how you think

The kind of painting you choose – it could be deep and have a profound meaning, or it could be some trifling flowers too. One look at the masterpiece in your home, and anyone can understand what you value the most in your life. Actually, it serves both ways. It informs others about how you think. And it also reminds you of who you are, and what you want to be. Because humans are visual beings. What we see stays in our mind longer and impacts us in subtle yet powerful ways.

Art adds texture

No matter how hard we try, our furnishings and walls might not be having too much texture. But once you have a piece of art, even if it isn’t very textured, you can feel the material of the art piece. The strokes and wide swathes of brush strokes inked with colour in the artwork. It just tied together the whole room. And you will not get this feeling from a fake cheap art print. That’s because it has been made digitally. And it lacks tactile impact. So always prefer handmade artworks over art prints. Because it also shows that you value the work of the artist. I have included a detailed discussion in the FAQs.

How to choose a painting for your home?

If you overthink too much, choosing the right art can become a daunting task. And very soon, you might abandone the whole idea. So to make things simple, you will have to just trust your gut. To help you out, I’ve put together the follwing list of questions, that when answered honestly, can give you strong pointers with what kind of artwork will benefit you.

  • What are your interests? Any topic, for example – beautiful women, musicians, horses, nature, flowers, gods or spirituality, etc
  • What do you want to become in your life? Put another way, what is it that you want to increase in your life? Try to think of what your broad goals are in life. And then try to choose a painting with that theme.
  • What is the existing colour scheme and interior design in your home?
  • What feeling you want to be evoked as soon as you enter your space or home or room?
  • What do you generally get excited about? Is it lovely couples, or food, or exciting, happening places, eventful memories.

Above are just the few questions that might help you in deciding which kind of artwork will be best for you.

Where can you find paintings?

To start with, Kavi Art Studio has a number of painting in varied themes, sizes and colours. If you have any specific theme in mind, even that can be painted and delivered to you. You can also go through a catalogue of artworks and visit various exhibitions or gallery to choose the artwork that best describes you.

Visit painting exhibitions to understand what you want.


As you have seen in this blog, handmade paintings have a huge impact on how we feel. And they are a subtle but strong impact on our daily mood. Have you decided to get yourself a custom painting, or something that’s already made? Comment Below!

About Kavi Art Studio

Handmade Paintings at Kavi Art Studio

From the last 16 years, Kavi Art Studio has been independently run by Mrs. Kavitha, a passionate artist who loves teaching. 

​Her childhood hobby to paint at every opportunity, translated into a rewarding profession of inspiring hundreds of students from all over the world to seek solace in art. A versatile artist, she has created numerous handmade paintings in different mediums like tanjore painting, watercolours, oil, madhubani painting, abstract modern painting, etc.

At Kavi Art Studio, you can buy a wide variety of artworks, with any kind of budget. Because we have paintings just from Rs 2000, which would be perfect for gifting or to put on your desk.

You can visit our website for the entire collection and choose something that connects with you.

Why prefer handmade paintings over cheap art prints?

Have you ever thought of why people may thousands to own a Zara apparel, or Gucci handbag, or Audi cars? Sure, you could get knock-offs at a fraction of the cost. But still, you always know at your heart how much the painting or product costs. So, if you want to have the full benefit of owning an actual piece of art, always go for handmade paintings. Also, handmade paintings are one-of-a-kind. They are irreplaceable and also serve as a way to pass it onto your kids.

Can you mix art styles in your room?

Above everything, a painting in your home must always make you happy. It must reflect who you are. So if you love both the contrasting pieces of artwork, then sure, go ahead. But if you value style and interior design, then you might want to stick to one style of painting.

Does every wall need a decor?

Too much of anything is bad, as you must have heard this popular saying. So, still to a few paintings in every room. It is completely your wish, how you want to decorate your home. Just don’t go overboard.