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Beautiful Handmade Paintings : Your Ultimate Keys to Happiness

From the moment we wake up, we are in an endless quest for happiness.

Scrolling through our phones has almost become like a second nature. Even though it doesn’t add any value and clutters our mind even more. While working endless hours, we plug in some music, or have some coffee. If possible, if we have time at night, we turn on the TV and watch something entertaining.

But did you notice one thing?

How these things make us superficially happy, just for a few moments?

With lockdowns and the uncertainty behind the covid pandemic, we are slowly loosing our minds to mindless banter.

And trust me when I say handmade paintings are your ultimate keys to happiness.

How handmade paintings are linked to happiness?

beautiful handmade paintings make us happy
Beautiful handmade paintings make us happy

Think for a moment. What makes you happy?

London School of Economics professor Richard Layard has outlined these 7 factors as the Big Seven factors of happiness : money, family, career, friends, health, freedom, or personal values.

But aren’t these just momentary joys? You get a new promotion, you’re happy for one week. You freely get to be by yourself in the house, you’re happy as long as you are entertained.

And that’s what lead Richard Layard to conclude with the following fact:

He says that happiness is most easily attained by living in an aesthetically beautiful city.

The magnificent architecture, picturesque sceneries, along with clean environment can positively impact our mental health.

Yes, you’re right if you are thinking, I can’t afford to relocate myself now, especially with all the uncertainty around corona virus pandemic.

What if I told you that handmade paintings are a much more practical and more effective way?

What are handmade paintings, anyway?

Handmade art is any piece of artwork that has been painted using physical colours on a physical medium, by an artist’s own hands without using any external machines or digital technologies. Handmade paintings are very diverse in nature. Some of the types of handmade paintings are as folllows:

  • Tanjore Paintings
  • Oil Paintings
  • Watercolour Paintings
  • Madhubani Folk Art
  • 3D Modern Art
  • Abstract Art
  • Warli Art
  • and several more
3d wall handmade painting
3d wall handmade painting

Why handmade paintings make us happy?

A comprehensive research at 3M Corporation concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Our most dominant sense organ is our eyes and we remember images effortlessly. And because of this, what we see has a deep effect in what we do, what we feel and what we are.

In other words, the things people are constantly surrounded by – be it outside their homes like picturesque cityscape, or their living spaces —has the greatest effect on our happiness. It is also the easiest way to be happy.

To illustrate how important art and beauty is, let us imagine a home where only wooden furniture and essential appliances are there. There’s no sense of personality, or feelings associated with anything around. Now how does that make you feel? Office-like? Souless?

It is precisely for this reason that we tend to decorate our homes according to our own personal taste, because our home is an extension of ourselves. And that’s why it feels good to be home, we say, after a tiring work day. But with lockdowns and fear of corona, our home is becoming a dull place where getting distracted by media is becoming the norm for even fleeting joys.

handmade paintings
Handmade paintings teleport us to another world

How handmade paintings benefits us?

But an original painting provides a relief of monotony for our eyes. The spontaneous fusion of colours and textures provides visually stimulates our mind. Even just looking at a painting changes the way we think.

Imagine getting frustrated working on an issue, and finding a beautiful artwork right above your desk. Isn’t that instant relief?

Here are some research backed benefits of viewing art:

  • A research study in Norway, known as the Nord-Trondelag Health Study, has concluded that just viewing art makes us healthier. It also improves the sense of satisfaction with one’s life, and lower rates of anxiety and depression in both men and women.
  • Handmade paintings also improve thinking ability and empathy because it allows us to teleport into another world. Watching art makes us step into the artists shoes and lets us feel what the artist might have felt while creating that particular artwork.
  • Science has shown that viewing beautiful artwork can actually cause you to experience the same physical reactions we get when we fall in love.

Because our eyes are our dominant mode of understanding the world, being surrounded by beautiful paintings on a daily basis works subtly but strongly.

How to choose handmade paintings for your home?

The best part about paintings is that, you don’t have to struggle with finding place in your home unlike other things. You can safely hang paintings on the empty walls of any room you frequently visit.

And don’t worry, you need not be an expert in interior design or get a degree in fine arts to bring home a beautiful piece of art. As long as you have decorated your home as per your own taste, choosing a painting should be a fairly easy be an intimidating task.

Also, if you first want to experiment with artworks before committing to an expensive painting, try buying some smaller art pieces that you can hang by your desk.

For choosing the exact painting, first observe your surroundings. How you have decorated your own home? Watch for specific decor items that you instantly liked and purchased. You may also check out your pinterest feed or instagram feed to figure out what you inherently like. And then you can work out the theme, colour scheme and type of painting you may like.

Here are just a few themes that you may like:

  • wall art based on love or couples for bedroom
  • large canvas paintings for living room.
  • Anything general like flowers or birds or scenaries

If you have anything specific in mind, then you can contact an artist for a custom made piece of work, of your own desired dimensions. It might take longer than buying a ready made piece of art though. But a painting is something that stays for years and decades. And in some cases, it is even passed down to future generations. So, choose your painting wisely, after due diligence.

handmade paintings of Radha Krishna
Handmade Paintings of Radha Krishna


As you have seen in this blog, handmade paintings have a huge impact on how we feel. And they are a subtle but strong impact on our daily mood. Have you decided to get yourself a custom painting, or something that’s already made? Comment Below!

About Kavi Art Studio

handmade paintings at Kavi Art Studio
Handmade Paintings at Kavi Art Studio

From the last 16 years, Kavi Art Studio has been independently run by Mrs. Kavitha, a passionate artist who loves teaching. 

​Her childhood hobby to paint at every opportunity, translated into a rewarding profession of inspiring hundreds of students from all over the world to seek solace in art. A versatile artist, she has created numerous handmade paintings in different mediums like tanjore painting, watercolours, oil, madhubani painting, abstract modern painting, etc.

At Kavi Art Studio, you can buy a wide variety of artworks, with any kind of budget. Because we have paintings just from Rs 2000, which would be perfect for gifting or to put on your desk.

You can visit our website for the entire collection and choose something that connects with you.

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